• The origin of Cordoa

    The origin of Cordoa

    A name is a combination of many origins. In the case of Cordoa, its name comes from many cultural and geographical references.

  • Vegetable Tanning

    Animal leather and sustainability

    At Cordoa, working with calfskin leather is not a fatality but a conscious choice.

  • Odile Pop-up, in Lisboa

    Cordoa Pop-up shop at loja Odile, in Lisbon

  • vegetable tanned leather, vegetable tanned, biodegradeble

    Vegetable tanned leather

    At Cordoa we only used vegetable tanned leather to make our sandals. Vegetable tanning is a processo with a great artisanal tradition.

  • slowness


    (…) slowness is a temporal notion that prioritises the journey over the destination. In this world of instant gratification we sometimes forget that speed is not a virtue in itself, nor is it to be confused with success or efficiency or happiness or accomplishment.

  • Muscari sandals, Cordoa sandals, Desenraizamento, trabalho de artesão


    I believe rootlessness is not compatible with an artisan’s work.

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