Leather Care

Materials and Care Instructions

Cordoa sandals are made in vegetable-tanned calfskin leather (upper, insole, and soles). This leather is processed with natural tannins extracted from trees, no chrome nor other toxic chemicals are used. This tanning process is an ancient technique, giving the leather a unique, natural look and the capacity to improve over time. Small marks and irregularities in the grain are to be considered normal and part of its natural aesthetic.

All the buckles and metal rivets are nickel-free. Soles are made of thick leather and have rubber insertions to make them non-slippery and more resistant. Water-based adhesives are used instead of solvent-based ones. Bees wax and natural oils are used to protect the leather, instead of water repellent products containing perfluorocarbons (PFCs)

Care Instructions

Please avoid getting your sandals wet or exposing them to high temperatures. If the leather gets wet let the sandals air dry in the shade. Never use a blow dryer to dry the leather.

You should regularly nourish your sandal’s leather, choosing a conditioner that will both clean and moisturize, applied in small amounts with a soft cloth. Before applying your product, test a small area.

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